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Every product that labels PYTHIUM DAMPING OFF as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
A-Zox 25SCAbound® Flowable FungicideAcadia™ 2 SCAcadia™ 2 SCAcceleron® D-309 Fungicide Seed TreatmentAcceleron® DX-309Acceleron® IDL-810Acceleron™ DC-309Acquire® fungicide seed treatmentActinovate® AGActinovate® AGAframe™Aftershock®Aliette® WDG FungicideAllegiance®-FL Seed TreatmentAlligare Pond Dye BlueAnchor™ 3L STAppear®Appear® IIApron XL®Apron XL® 350ESArius™ 250Axyl-Shield 2E FoliarAxyl-Shield STAzaka™AzoxyStar®Azoxystrobin 100 STAzoxystrobin SCAzoxyzone™ FungicideAZterknot®AZteroid® FCAZteroid® FC 3.3Banol®Basamid® GBelmont® 2.7 FSBruin™Cereal Premix 4.0 STCereal Premix 5.0 STCereal Premix F4 RTU STCereal Premix F4 STCerealStar™ Select STCharter® F² fungicide seed treatmentCruiser® Vibrance® QuattroCruiserMaxx® Vibrance® CerealsDexter® SCDifenoconazole 3L STDisarm® 480 SCDisarm® C FungicideDisarm® G FungicideDisarm® MDividend Extreme®Dividend® XL RTA®Double Nickel® LCDyna-Shield Conquest™Dyna-Shield Defuze™Dyna-Shield Tibet™Dyna-Shield® Foothold® Virock™Dyna-Shield® Foothold™Dyna-Shield® Foothold™ ExtraDyna-Shield® MetalaxylDyna-Shield® Metalaxyl 318 FS FungicideDyna-Shield® Small GrainsDynasty®Dynasty® CSTEquation™ SC FungicideEquity™EverGol® Xtend CEvito® 480 SCFungi-Phite® FungicideGaucho® XT FlowableGCS Azoxy 2SCGold Rush®Helix XTra®Helix® Vibrance®Howler® EVOHowler® FungicideIncentive® RTA®INTEGO™ SUITE SystemKarma®Legume Premix F2 RTU STLegume Premix F3 STLegumeStar Fungicide STLegumeStar™ Select STLinebacker® WDG Agricultural FungicideLinebacker® WDG Agricultural Fungicide (REI = 12)Lumiscend™ ProMazolin™Metalaxyl 265 STMetalaxyl 2E AGMetalaxyl 4.0 STMetastar 2E FungicideOrondis® Gold (Premix) FungicideOrondis® Gold BOxiDate® Broad Spectrum Bactericide/FungicidePeroxySan-CX Broad Spectrum Bactericide/FungicidePrecinct™Presidio® FungicidePrevicur® FlexPriaxor® Xemium® brand fungicidePromess®Proplant™ Turf and Ornamental FungicidePulse Premix 3.0 STQuadris® FlowableRancona® CrestRancona® Crest WRRancona® CTSRanman®Ranman® 400SC FungicideRaxil® 2.6FRaxil® PRO MDRaxil® PRO ShieldReason® 500 SCReason® 500 SCReCon™ 4 FReCon™ Bold SLReliant® Systemic FungicideRenaZ™ SCRendition™Ridomil Gold® GRRidomil Gold® SLRightStart® Cereals RTUSalient 372 FSSalient™ TMI Seed TreatmentSativa® 309 FSSativa® IM RTU Seed TreatmentSativa® IMF Max Seed TreatmentSativa® IMF Sembolite™ MaxSativa® M2F RTUSativa™ M RTU Seed TreatmentSatori® FungicideSaxony 100 FSSebring® 318 FSSebring® 480 FSSeed Shield® CerealsSegway® FungicideSegway® Fungicide SCSegway® OSerifel® BiofungicideSoilgard®SoyStar™ Elite STSoyStar™ Premier STSoyStar™ Supreme STStamina® F³ Cereals fungicide seed treatmentStamina® F³ HL fungicide seed treatmentStamina® F4 Cereals fungicide seed treatmentSTartUP™ AZOXY Seed TreatmentSTartUP™ METXL 480 Seed TreatmentSTartUP™ METXL Seed TreatmentSTartUP™ TEBUZ Seed TreatmentSTartUP™ THIBN Seed TreatmentStellar® FungicideSubdue® GRSubdue® MAXX®TebuStar® 250 STTebuStar® Elite STTebuStar® IM Extra STTebuStar® IM STTemozad®Tepera™Teraxxa™ F4 Seed TreatmentTetraban®Tetraban® FungicideThrive™ 4MTimorex Act®Trebuset® Peanuts ColorlessTrevo®Trio eXtra Cotton Seed Treatment FungicideUltra Flourish®Uniform®Union™ Fungicide SCVayantis®Vibrance® CincoVibrance® ExtremeVibrance® QuattroVibrance® TrioWarden® Cereals 360Warden® Cereals HRWarden® Cereals IIWarden® Cereals WRWarden® Cereals WRIIWarden® CXWarden® CX IIWarden® RTA®Willowood Azoxy 2SCXANTHION {COMPONENT B}Xanthion® In-furrow fungicideXyler® FC Fungicide