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GCS Azoxy 2SC

Product label

As compared to Acadia™ 2 SC, Azoxy 2SC Prime™ or Tigris™ Azoxy 2 SC

Active Ingredient
Azoxystrobin (2.08 lbs/gal)


Broad spectrum systemic fungicide for management of many plant diseases in labeled row and specialty crops. Contains azoxystrobin, the active ingredient in Aframe™ Fungicide.


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Drift Reduction AND/OR Nonionic Surfactant Recommended

Use Field Grip™ DRA ($0.25-$1.50/A) to reduce off target drift and penetrate the crop canopy. Use IN-Zorb™ ADV ($0.15-$1.75/A) premium Nonionic Surfactant to improve coverage and reduce evaporation loss (APE-free for crop safety).

FieldGrip™ DRA
FieldGrip™ DRA
IN-Zorb™ ADV
IN-Zorb™ ADV

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Package size
265 Gallon


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A histogram showing a range of prices for a sample product.  Fifteen farmers paid $624 per gallon at the upper end, and twelve paid $519 per gallon at the lower.  The market average is $571 per gallon, and FBN's price is $524 pere gallon.A histogram showing a range of prices for a sample product.  Fifteen farmers paid $624 per gallon at the upper end, and twelve paid $519 per gallon at the lower.  The market average is $571 per gallon, and FBN's price is $524 pere gallon.
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