Liquid Feed Supplements

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Liquid Supplements

Liquid Supplements from FBN®

Liquid cattle supplement from FBN is fortified with vitamins and minerals to help boost livestock profitability. 

Improve Cattle Productivity

Getting proper minerals and vitamins is essential for cattle productivity throughout their lives. Growing calves, pregnant mamas, and dairy cows producing milk in particular may require supplements in the form of liquid cow feed.

Take control of your herd’s diet with a liquid cattle supplement from FBN. We enhance nutrition for feedlot and grass-fed cattle through our portfolio of products. A liquid cattle supplement can help increase fiber digestion and microbial efficiency, resulting in improved calf growth and greater milk production.

Liquid Supplements

Nutrition for Calves

Even calves that nurse from their mamas may benefit from supplemental feed. Whether you’re expecting the first calf on your ranch or are an experienced livestock producer, the FBN Calving Guide offers tips on how to help your calves grow into healthy, productive cows, including recommendations for:

  • Feed 

  • Colostrum 

  • Electrolytes

Calving Guide

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