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FBN® and Greeneye Revolutionize Precision Spraying

FBN and Greeneye collaborate to offer farmers cutting-edge precision spraying technology, financing options and support for enhanced crop management.

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Spraying up to 80% less contact herbicide while achieving the same control?

Equipping your current sprayer with the most modern, cutting-edge technology?

What is Greeneye Technology & How Effective is it?

FBN is working with Greeneye Technology on the next generation of Precision Spraying technology.

1. The system is an after-market product installed on your John Deere®, Hagie® or Case® sprayer.

2. The technology uses sensors and image recognition algorithms to identify weeds and precision apply herbicides only to the weeds.

3. In on-farm field-scale tests with FBN farmers in 2022, Precision Spraying provided significant reductions in non-residual herbicide use (86% reduction) without sacrificing weed control.

4. Trials at University of Nebraska Lincoln found similar results, with at least 87% reduction.1

5. On a 4,000 acre corn and soybean farm, the system investment could pay for itself within 2 years based on current prices and standard application.

Next Gen Precision Spraying Technology

How Does the Program Work?

FBN and Greeneye will partner to provide comprehensive installation, machine service, and agronomic support throughout the growing season. FBN will provide competitive financing for both the Greeneye system as well as the FBN Precision Spraying Pack. Farmers can access the Greeneye Precision Spraying system through its partnership with FBN that includes the following:


Purchasing the Greeneye system for the 2024 planting season.


Enrolling in two seasons of FBN’s Precision Spraying Pack crop protection and nutrition program.


Committing to running on-farm trials to showcase product efficacy and sharing performance data

About the FBN Precision Spraying Acre Pack

FBN is creating a Precision Spraying Acre Pack that goes along with the Greeneye system, to ensure agronomic soundness of using the Greeneye Technology.

Over 2 growing seasons, it will require the purchase of the following Precision Spraying Pack products for a portion of sprayed Corn and Soybeans acres:



70% of corn and soy acre herbicides.


One insecticide or fungicide purchase.


A 500 acre biological trial.

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The FBN Precision Spraying Acre Pack will price crop protection products at standard FBN rates.

FBN is finalizing a financing offer for the Greeneye system. Once finalized, FBN will provide its convenient, competitive financing options for the Greeneye system, as well as the Precision Spraying Pack.

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