Better Together

FBN® is partnering with custom applicators across the country to put Farmers First®.

Grow Your Business: FBN® Custom Applicator Program

The FBN Custom Applicator Program is designed to help independent applicators scale their businesses and farmers maximize their ROI.

Connect with New Customers

A listing on our "Find an Applicator" page connects your business with FBN growers across the country who are looking for nearby applicators.

Order Inputs for Customers

Add products to a cart, share shopping lists and make input purchases on behalf of your customers. You can even time deliveries to align with your planned service schedule.

Speak with FBN Agronomists

Learn how to incorporate new products and precision application technology into your operation with guidance from the FBN Agronomy team.

Transparent Ag Chemical Pricing

See how the prices you and your customers are paying compare to the national average potentially saving thousands of dollars that can be reallocated to other priorities.

Access Volume Discounts

Unlock special bulk order discounts available only to custom applicators when ordering the key inputs you need directly from FBN.

Low Interest Rates with FBN Finance

Access special financing rates with FBN Finance to help your customers save even more with operating lines, input loans and more flexible financing solutions.

Take Your Business to the Next Level

How to Join the FBN Custom Applicator Program

To apply for the FBN Custom Applicator Program, simply fill out the form on this page to begin the process with a member of our team and then complete a phone consultation to confirm your eligibility.

Hear What Other Business Owners Are Saying

"I save about $30,000 a year. Their prices are good, and I don't have to negotiate - the price is transparent."

- Brad Carlson, Iowa-based farmer


"I love it. If we run out of something, or we run into a situation where we need a different product, or we're scouting a field and [realize] we've got a weed that what we have won't be effective on, I can go to FBN that evening [place an order, and] it's usually there within 36-48 hours."

- Eric McKee, Illinois-based farmer

Ready to Scale Your Business?

Ready to Scale Your Business?

Complete the form to get started. A member of our team will follow up with you directly to help you build your professional FBN profile and create a listing on our public directory to start connecting with new clients in your region.