Annual Bluegrass Weevil

Every product that labels ANNUAL BLUEGRASS WEEVIL as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Acelepryn®Acelepryn® GAcelepryn™ 0.067% plus Pro-Mate® T&O FertilizerAcenthrin™Acephate 97UP®Allectus® SCAloft® GC GAloft® GC SCBatallion™ 2 ECBi-Dash 2EBifen 2 AG GoldBifen 25% ECBifender® FC InsecticideBifenture® ECBifenture® LFCBisect® LBrigade® 2EC Insecticide/MiticideCapture® LFR®Chlorpyrifos 4E AG (Adama)Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG (Drexel)Conserve® SC Insect ControlCriterion™ 2F InsecticideDursban® 50W-WSP Specialty InsecticideFanfare® ESFerence® InsecticideGCS Bifenthrin 2ECGovern® 4EGrandevo® CGHatchet® InsecticideImidashot DF InsecticideLada® 75WSP InsecticideLancer™ 2ECLorsban® Advanced InsecticideLorsban®-4E InsecticideMainspring® GNLMalice® 2FMallet® 75 WSP InsecticideMantra® 1G Greenhouse and NurseryMantra® 60 WSPMarathon® 1% GMarathon® 1% GranularMarathon® 60 WPMarathon® IIMatchPoint®Menace® 7.9% FlowableMenace® GC 7.9% FlowableNufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 2Nufos® 4E (RUP)Phoenix Firebird® ProPhoenix Hawk-I® 2LPhoenix Hawk-I® 75WSPPro-Mate® BifenthrinReveal®Reveal® Endurx™Ruckus™ LFR® InsecticideSeguroSniper®Sniper® Helios®Sniper® LFR®Suspend® SCTailgunner™Talstar® S Select InsecticideTetrino™Triple Crown™ Golf InsecticideTundra® LFCUP-Star® GC GranularUp-Star® GoldUP-Star® Gold GranularUp-Star® SC Lawn and NurseryVulcan®Warhawk®Warhawk® ClearForm®Whirlwind®Widow® InsecticideWillowood Bifenthrin 2ECWisdom® EZWisdom® G L/NWisdom® TC FlowableYuma® 4EZelto®Zylam® Liquid Systemic Insecticide