Every product that labels CATERPILLARS as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Acelepryn®Aloft® GC GAloft® GC SCAncora® Microbial InsecticideArborMectin™Argyle™ ODAscertain™ TRAtrevia™ 1.2% SLAtrevia™ 3.0% SLAttain® TR Total Release InsecticideAza-Direct®AzaGuard® Botanical Insecticide/NematicideAzatin® OAzera® InsecticideBesiege® InsecticideBioLink® Insect & Bird RepellantBrandt® Ecotec® PlusCelite® 610Cheminova Malathion® 57%CinnerateCormoran®Damoil™ Dormant & Summer Spray OilDeadzone™Debug® ONDebug® OptimoDebug® TresDebug® TurboEcotec®Ecozin® Plus 1.2% MEEnfold™Enkounter™ InsecticideEntrust® Naturalyte Insect ControlEntrust® SC Naturalyte Insect ControlEnvirepel 50™Envirepel-38™EverGreen® Crop Protection EC 60-6EverGreen® Pro 60-6Ex-icuteExirel® Insect Control (With Cyazypyr®)Ference® InsecticideFirst Choice® Narrow Range 415 Spray OilFyfanon®Fyfanon® 57% ECGladiator® Insecticide/MiticideGolden Pest Spray Oil™Hero® EWHero® InsecticideLeaf Life® Gavicide Green® 415Machete® InsecticideMainspring® GNLMainspring™Malathion 57 ECMalathion 5ECMicromite® 2LMite-E-Oil®Molt-X®Mustang® InsecticideMustang® MaxxNarrow Range 415 Spray OilNeemix® 4.5 Insect Growth RegulatorOmni Oil 6-EOmni Supreme SprayPedestal®Pedestal®Perm-UP® 3.2 ECPermethrin 3.2 AGPFR-97® 20% WDGPro-Mate® BifenthrinProvaunt®PureSpray™ GreenPycana™Pyganic® Crop Protection EC 1.4 IIPyganic® Crop Protection EC 5.0 IIPyganic® SpecialtyPylon® miticide-insecticideQuasar™ 8.5 SLRimon® 0.83ECSol-Oil 97Spear®-RCSuccess® Naturalyte® Insect ControlTempo® SC UltraTepera® PlusTepera® Plus HDTersus® InsecticideTetrino™Tide Diflubenzuron 2SCTristar® 8.5SLUp-Star® GoldWrath® Insecticide