Every product that labels DEADNETTLE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Afforia™Barrier® Ornamental Landscaping HerbicideBattleship® IIIBensumec™ 4 LF Preemergent Grass & Weed HerbicideBK 800Brushmaster® HerbicideCasoron® CSChange Up™ Selective HerbicideCleat® 75 WG HerbicideDesperado® Selective HerbicideE-2 HerbicideElliptical™ HerbicideEndRun®Enlite®Envive®Envive® HerbicideEptam® 20-G GranulesEptam® 7-E Selective HerbicideEscalade® 2Express® Herbicide (with TotalSol®)Express® XPFoundation® Turf HerbicideInstigate®Panoflex™Panoflex™ Herbicide (with TotalSol®)PowerZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfPre-San® Granular 12.5GQ4® Plus Turf Herbicide Grassy & Broadleaf WeedsQuickSilver® T&O HerbicideQuincept®Ro-Neet® HerbicideSpeedZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® EW Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® Southern EW Broadleaf Herbicide forTurfStrike Three Ultra® 2Super Trimec® Broadleaf HerbicideSuperBrush™ KillerSure Power® Selective HerbicideSurge® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfTaquet™Trimec® 1000 Low Odor Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® 992 Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Bentgrass Formula Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Classic Brand Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Encore Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Southern Broadleaf HerbicideTriple Shot™Trivence™TZone™ SE Broadleaf Herbicide for Tough WeedsVengeance® Plus Selective HerbicideVictory® Herbicide