European Chafer Larvae

Every product that labels EUROPEAN CHAFER LARVAE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Acceleron® I-374 Insecticide Seed TreatmentAcceleron® I-609 Insecticide Seed TreatmentAcceleron® IC-609Acronyx™ 2 FlowableAcronyx™ 4 FAdage™Admire® ProAdvise® 2FLAdvise® FourAdvise® FourAlias® 2FAlias® 4FBioCeres® GRChlorpyrifos 4E-AG (Drexel)Couraze® 2FCouraze® 4Couraze® 4FCriterion™ 75 WSP InsecticideCruiser® 5FSDylox® 6.2 Granular InsecticideElliptica™Enforce™ 75WSP Turf and Ornamental InsecticideFlagship® 0.22GFlagship® 25WGGrandevo® CGHatchet® InsecticideImidashot DF InsecticideLada® 2FLada® 75WSP InsecticideLegend™ 5L STLorsban® Advanced InsecticideLorsban®-4E InsecticideLumisure®Macho® 2.0 FLMacho® 4.0 FlowableMalice® 2FMalice® 75 WSPMallet® 0.5GMallet® 2 F T&O InsecticideMallet® 75 WSP InsecticideMantra® 1G Greenhouse and NurseryMantra® 60 WSPMarathon® 1% GMarathon® 1% GranularMarathon® 60 WPMarathon® IIMarathon® IIMenace® GC 7.9% FlowableMeridian® 0.33GMeridian® 25WGMerit® 0.5 GMerit® 2FMerit® 2F InsecticideMerit® 75 WPMerit® 75 WSPMidash 2SC Ag InsecticideMineiro™ 2 FMontana® 2FMontana® 4FNipsIt INSIDE® InsecticideNufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 2Nufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 4Nufos® 4E (RUP)Nuprid® 2SC Soil/Foliar InsecticideNuprid® 4.6F ProNuprid® 4F Max InsecticideOmni® Brand Imidacloprid 2F Flowable InsecticidePhoenix Hawk-I® 2LPoncho® 600 Seed TreatmentPoncho® VOTiVO®Poncho® Votivo® Seed TreatmentPROKoZ® Zenith® 0.5 GPROKoZ® Zenith® 75 WSPProvoke™Tide Imidacloprid 2FTide Imidacloprid 4FVulcan®Whirlwind®Widow® InsecticideWillowood Imidacloprid 2SCWillowood Imidacloprid 4SCWisdom® G L/NWrangler® InsecticideYuma® 4EZylam® 20SG Systemic Turf InsecticideZylam® Liquid Systemic Insecticide