Every product that labels LOCOWEED as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
2,4-D Amine 42,4-D LV 42,4-D LV 6Alligare 2,4-D AmineAlligare 2,4-D LV6Alligare MSM 60Alligare Triumph® 22KAmine 4 2,4-DAmine 400 2,4-D Weed KillerAmine 6Battleship® IIIBroadrange® 55 HerbicideChange Up™ Selective HerbicideChaparral™ Specialty HerbicideChisum™ HerbicideCimarron® MaxCimarron® Max HerbicideCimarron® Max Part BCimarron® Max Part B HerbicideCimarron® PlusCimarron® PlusCimarron® X-traClean Amine®Cornbelt® SalvanDe-Amine™ 4De-Ester™LV4Dri-Clean® HerbicideE-2 HerbicideElliptical™ HerbicideEscalade® 2Escort® XPEscort® XPGarlon® 3A Specialty HerbicideGraslan® LGravitas®Grazon® P+D Specialty HerbicideGrazonPD3™GunSlinger®Gunslinger® P+DHi-Dep® Broadleaf HerbicideHi-Dep® IVM Broadleaf HerbicideLima 6Malibu™MezaVue™Milestone® Specialty HerbicideMSM 60WDG Select™Opensight® Specialty HerbicideOpti-Amine®Pasture Pro® HerbicidePatriot® HerbicidePicturePrescott HerbicidePyresta®Quincept®Rometsol®Rugged® HerbicideSaber®Shredder® 2,4-D LV6Shredder® Amine 4Shredder™ 2,4-D LV4Solution Water Soluble®Spoiler® HerbicideStrike Three Ultra® 2Sure Power® Selective HerbicideSurmount® HerbicideTenkoz® Lo-Vol 4 2,4-D Low VolatileTerraVue™Tide MSM 60 DF HerbicideTordon® 22K Specialty HerbicideTordon® K Herbicide Specialty HerbicideTriamine®Triple Shot™Triumph® 22KTriumph® XTRTrooper® 22KTrooper® P+DTrooper™ ExtraTrooper™ ProTurret®Usha 6Vengeance® Plus Selective HerbicideViewpoint® HerbicideWeed Rhap® A-4DWhetstone™ Herbicide