Every product that labels LOCUST as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Alligare Dicamba 2,4-D DMAAlligare Triclopyr 4Alligare Triumph® 22KAzatin® OAzatrol® EC InsecticideBotaniGard® 22WPBotaniGard® 22WPBotaniGard® MaxxBoulder 6.3Broadrange® 55 HerbicideBurnMaster™ HerbicideCapstone® Specialty HerbicideClean Slate® (Nufarm)ClearGraze™Dicam De-Ester®Dicamba De-Amine®Duplosan™Element® 3A Specialty HerbicideElement® 4 Specialty HerbicideForeFront® R&P Specialty HerbicideForestry Garlon® 4 Specialty HerbicideForestry Garlon® XRT Specialty HerbicideGarlon® 3A Specialty HerbicideGarlon® 4 Specialty HerbicideGarlon® 4 Ultra Specialty HerbicideGarlon® XRTGraslan® LGrazon® P+D Specialty HerbicideGrazonNext® Specialty HerbicideGrazonPD3™GunSlinger®Gunslinger® P+DHi-Dep® Broadleaf HerbicideHi-Dep® IVM Broadleaf HerbicideImitator® 18% ConcentrateImitator® 25% ConcentrateMilestone® VM Plus Specialty HerbicideMycotrol® WPONofly® WP Wettable Powder MycoinsecticidePasture Pro® HerbicidePastureGard® HLPastureGard® Specialty HerbicidePatron® 170PicturePrescott HerbicideProgeny® HerbicideRelegate® Selective HerbicideRemedy® Ultra Specialty HerbicideRenovate® 3Rifle®-DScorch™Sonora™Spitfire™ HerbicideTahoe® 3A HerbicideTahoe® 4E HerbicideTailspin™ HerbicideTide Hexazinone 2SLTide Hexazinone 75 WDGTordon® 22K Specialty HerbicideTordon® K Herbicide Specialty HerbicideTouchdown® CTTransline® Specialty HerbicideTriclopyr 3Triclopyr 3ATriclopyr 4ETriumph® 22KTrooper® 22KTrooper® P+DTrooper™ ExtraTrycera®Vastlan®Velossa™Velpar® DF VUVelpar® LVengeance® Plus Selective HerbicideVeteran® 720 HerbicideWeedmaster® Herbicide