Every product that labels PENNYWORT as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
2,4-D Amine 42,4-D Amine 4 Herbicide2,4-D Granules2,4-D LV 4 (Albaugh)2,4-D LV 6 (Albaugh)4-Speed® XTAceto Diquat 2L AGAlligare 2,4-D AmineAlligare 2,4-D LV6Alligare Imazapyr 4 SLAmine 4 2,4-DAmine 4 2,4-D HerbicideAmine 6AquaSweep®Arsenal® herbicideArsenal® herbicide Applicators ConcentrateAuguzine™Barrage® HFBase Camp® Amine 4Base Camp® LV 6Battleship® IIIBK 800Brushmaster® HerbicideCelsius® WGCelsius® WGCelsius® XtraCelsius® XtraCertainty® Turf HerbicideCertainty® Turf HerbicideChange Up™ Selective HerbicideClean Amine®Cool Power®Cornbelt® 4Lb. AmineCrew® Specialty HerbicideDe-Amine™ 4De-Ester™LV4Defy® Amine 4Defy® LV-4Defy® LV-6Derigo® HerbicideDessicash L&ADiquash™ Landscape and AquaticDiquat HerbicideDMA® 4 IVM HerbicideDri-Clean® HerbicideE-2 HerbicideEcomazapyr 2 SLElliptical™ HerbicideEmbed® ExtraEmbed™EndRun®Enlist One™Escalade® 2Formula 40®Freelexx®Gallery® 75 Dry Flowable Specialty HerbicideGallery® SCGCS 2,4-D LV 6 EsterGF-3335Gravitas®HABITAT® herbicideHardBall®Havoc LV-SixHorsepower® Selective HerbicideImitator® 18% ConcentrateImitator® 25% ConcentrateLast Call™ Selective HerbicideLima 6Lo-Vol 4 2,4-D Low VolatileLo-Vol 6 2,4-D Low Volatile HerbicideMCPP-p 4 AmineMonument® 75WGNufarm Diquat SPC 2 LNufarm Polaris® AC Complete HerbicideNufarm Polaris® HerbicideOpti-Amine®Orchard Clean®Orchard Star®PasturAll® HL Specialty HerbicidePasturAll® Specialty HerbicidePatron® 170PowerZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfProgeny® HerbicidePyresta®Q4® Plus Turf Herbicide Grassy & Broadleaf WeedsQuincept®Radar™ AM 4Renovate® 3Reward® Landscape and Aquatic HerbicideRowrunner™ ATOShowcase™ Specialty HerbicideShredder™ E-99Sinkerball®Snapshot® 2.5 TG Specialty HerbicideSnapshot® DG Specialty HerbicideSolution Water Soluble®Solve™ 2,4-DSpeedZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® EW Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpoiler® HerbicideStrike Three Ultra® 2Super Trimec® Broadleaf HerbicideSuperBrush™ KillerSure Power® Selective HerbicideSurge® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfTahoe® 3A HerbicideTenkoz® Lo-Vol 4 2,4-D Low VolatileTrellis®Trellis® SCTri-Power® Selective HerbicideTriamine®Tribune™Tribute® TotalTribute® TotalTriclopyr 3Triclopyr 3ATrimec® 1000 Low Odor Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® 992 Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Bentgrass Formula Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Classic Brand Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Encore Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Southern Broadleaf HerbicideTriple Shot™Turret®Unison® Novel BroadleafUsha 6Vastlan®Vengeance® Plus Selective HerbicideVerdure-X-HerbicideVexis® Herbicide GranularWeed Rhap® A-4DWeedar® 64Whiteout® 2,4-D