Perennial Pepperweed

Every product that labels PERENNIAL PEPPERWEED as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Accord® XRT II HerbicideAlligare MSM 60Aquamaster®AquaNeat® Aquatic HerbicideCandor® HerbicideChaparral™ Specialty HerbicideChisum™ HerbicideCimarron® MaxCimarron® Max HerbicideCimarron® Max Part ACimarron® Max Part BCimarron® Max Part B HerbicideCimarron® PlusCimarron® X-traCinco™Cleantraxx™Credit® 41 ExtraCredit® 5.4 ExtraCrossbow® By United SuppliersCrossbow® HerbicideCrossbow® HerbicideCrossbow® Herbicide (Dow)Crossbow® LCrossbow™ HerbicideCrossroad®Escort® XPEscort® XPFormula 40®Glyfos® X-TRA HerbicideGlyphogan® HerbicideGlyphosate 4 PlusGlyphosate 5.4Impose®Lambient™Landmark® XPLineage® Clearstand® HerbicideMSM 60WDG Select™Nufarm Imazapic 2SLNufarm Imazapic 2SL IVM HerbicideOpensight® Specialty HerbicideOust® ExtraPanoramic 2SLPatriot® HerbicidePerspective®Pindar® GTPlateau® herbicideRanger PRO® HerbicideRanger PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Razor Burn®Razor® Xtreme HerbicideRometsol®Roundup Custom®Roundup Custom® (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® ConcentrateRoundup PRO® Concentrate (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® HerbicideRoundup PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup PROMAX® HerbicideRoundup PROMAX® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup QuikPRO®Roundup QuikPRO™ (Monsanto)Sapphire®Spyder® Extra Selective HerbicideStreamline®Sunphosate 41%Telar® XPThrottle® XPTide MSM 60 DF HerbicideViewpoint® HerbicideWeed & Feed 25-3-5