Red Spider Mite

Every product that labels RED SPIDER MITE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
415 Superior Spray Oil440 Superior Spray Oil470 Supreme Spray Oil80% Micronized Wettable SulfurAcoidalAcramite® 50WSAuron™ DFBanter® WDGBen-Sul 85BioCover™ ULBrandt® Lime SulfurBravo® SChlorpyrifos 4E AG (Adama)Cosavet® DFCosavet® DF EdgeCSC Dusting SulfurDamoil™ Dormant & Summer Spray OilDibrom® 8 Emulsive (RUP)Dormant Oil 435Dursban® 50W-WSP Specialty InsecticideFirst Choice® Gavicide® Super 90First Choice® Narrow Range 415 Spray OilGavicide® Super 90Golden Micronized SulfurGreenFurrow® Organics Vista Clear Spray Oil IIIAP 440 Spray OilIAP Summer 415 Spray OilJMS Stylet-Oil®Kumulus® DFKumulus® DFLeaf Life® Gavicide Green® 415Lime Sulfur ULTRALime-Sulfur Solution™Liquid Sulfur SixMicro Sulf®Microfine SulfurMicrothiol® Disperss®Microthi™ 80WDGMiller Lime Sulfur SolutionMiller Sulforix®Mite-E-Oil®Narrow Range 415 Spray OilNufarm Chlorpyrifos SPC 2Omni Oil 6-EOmni Supreme SprayOrganic JMS Stylet-Oil®PHT 415 Supreme Spray OilPHT 440 Supreme Spray OilPHT Supreme Spray OilRex Lime Sulfur SolutionSpray Oil 415Stifle® SCSuffa®Sulforix®Sulfur 6 LSulfur 80 WDGSulfur 90WSulfur Dry FlowableSulfur® DFSuperior 70 OilSuperior Spray Oil N.W.Supreme OilSupreme OilTHAT® Flowable SulfurThiolux®VistaSpray™ 415 Spray OilVistaSpray™ 440 Spray OilVistaSpray™ 470 Spray OilWettable SulphurWil-Gro® Hort Oil 98-2Yellow Jacket Flowable SulfurYellow Jacket Wettable Sulfur II