Spotted Tentiform Leafminer

Every product that labels SPOTTED TENTIFORM LEAFMINER as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Aloft® GC SCAltacor® eVo Insect ControlAltacor® Insect ControlAltacor® Insect ControlAmbush® 25WAmbush® InsecticideArctic® 3.2 ECArena® 50 WDG Insecticide¹Arena® S.E. 50 WDGAstro® InsecticideAvaunt®Avaunt® eVoAvaunt® eVo Insect ControlAvaunt® InsecticideBaythroid® XLBelt® SCBesiege® InsecticideBraize™ 35 WSBComberDanitol® 2.4 EC Spray Insecticide-MiticideDauntless™Defiance™ 0.86 ECDelegate® WG InsecticideDelta Gold®Distance® Insect Growth RegulatorEngame™Enkounter™ InsecticideEntrust® Naturalyte Insect ControlEntrust® SC Naturalyte Insect ControlEsteem® 0.86 EC Insect Growth RegulatorEsteem® 35 WP Insect Growth RegulatorExirel®Exirel® Insect Control (With Cyazypyr®)GCS Methoxy 2FImidan® 70-W (Water Soluble Bags)Inspirato™ 2 FInsurgent™Intrepid® 2F InsecticideInvertid 2FLeverage® 360Minecto® ProMustang® InsecticideMustang® MaxxPerm-UP® 25DFPerm-UP® 3.2 ECPermaStar™ AG InsecticidePermethrinPermethrin 3.2 AGPermethrin 3.2 ECPermethrin 3.2 EC (70506-9-5905)Pitch® 0.86 ECPitch® 35 WPPounce® 25WPReemit™ 0.86 ECReemit™ 35 WSBReTurn™Rimon® 0.83ECSeize™ 35 WP Insect Growth RegulatorSenstar™ InsecticideSpinTor® 2SC Naturalyte® Insect ControlSuccess® Naturalyte® Insect ControlSultrus™Tame® 2.4 EC SprayTenkoz® Permethrin 3.2 ECTerva® 35 WPTombstone™Tombstone™ Helios®Tourismo®Troubadour™ 2F InsecticideTurnStyle™ InsecticideVerdepryn™ 100SL InsecticideVexer™Voliam Flexi®Voliam Xpress®Vydate® LZylo® Insecticide