Agita 10 WG
Agita 10 WG
Agita 10 WG
Elanco US, Inc.

Agita® 10 WG, 2.2 lb

Product label
Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Poultry, Sheep/Goat, Swine
Active Ingredients
tricosene; thiamethoxam

$89.18 ($40.54/lb)

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Product details

Agita 10 WG insecticide is a first choice for house fly control in animal housing for beef, dairy, poultry and swine. Reducing pests reduces their impact on animal well-being and performance potential. More than just a nuisance, house flies can have a substantial impact on animals and bottom lines. With its novel, potent active ingredient, Agita 10 WG delivers a quick kill and long-lasting residual.

  • Dual Mode of Action — A combination of contact and stomach modes of action ensures a lethal dose of the active ingredient is achieved.

  • Unique Active Ingredient — Works differently at a target site within the insect's nervous system versus other neonicotinoids.

  • Dual Attractants — Attracts both male and female house flies, providing a significant knockdown.

  • Long-Lasting Residual — Shown to be effective for four to eight weeks, with an average residual of six weeks.

Agita® is a registered trademark of Elanco US, Inc.