Baby Pig Restart Topdress 25# pail
TechMix, LLC

Baby Pig Restart Topdress, 25 lb

Type: FD - Specialty & Raw Ingredients

Species: Swine

Active Ingredient(s): calcium carbonate; lactobacillus acidophilus; lactobacillus lactis; sucrose; bacillus subtilis; potassium chloride; bacillus licheniformis; enterococcus faecium; fructose; salt(s); sodium alumino silicate; lactococcus lactis; bifidobacterium animalis; monosodium phosphate; sodium bicarbonate; glycine; dextrose; sodium bentonite; calcium lactate


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Product details

The transition to dry feed for a weaned pig is a challenging event.  Reduction in nutrient intake sets the young pig back in development.  Baby Pig Restart® is an  attractant that entices pigs to eat dry feed more quickly.  In addition to getting the young pig back on feed more quickly, Baby Pig Restart also provides additional nutrients and energy needed to help avoid starve-outs and stunting. 

  • When to Use: 

    • Top-dress on starter feeds to entice young pigs to consume dry feed after weaning

    • Add to gruel to provide added energy and nutrients to reduce fall behinds when pigs are weaned

    • Introduce the last 2-3 days before weaning

    • Use to restart fall-back pigs