OdorPro™ Deodorizing Body Wash 16 oz

OdorPro™ Deodorizing Body Wash, 16 fl oz

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Product details

Are you tired of dealing with persistent odors from working with livestock and poultry on the farm? OdorPro™ is here to help! This specially formulated product is designed with agricultural workers in mind, ready to tackle those lingering smells of animal waste, manure, and more.

  • Effective Odor Elimination OdorPro™ Body Wash is specially formulated to neutralize and eliminate odors associated with livestock and poultry farming. It doesn't just mask the odors; it eradicates them, leaving you feeling clean and refreshed.

  • Gentle and pH-Balanced This body wash features a gentle and pH-balanced formula, making it safe for daily use. You can trust OdorPro™ to be both effective and gentle on your skin.

  • Natural Ingredients, No Harsh Chemicals OdorPro™ contains plant-based components that are highly effective at breaking down and removing odors without resorting to harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances.

  • Versatile Usage OdorPro™ isn't just for your body; it's also an odor eliminator for various settings. Use it in kennels, offices, vehicles, and even on clothing. Simply spray it into the air or add it as a rinse additive in your washing machine.

  • Anti-Bacterial Deodorizing Power In addition to removing odors, OdorPro™ is an anti-bacterial deodorizing body wash. Use it as you would regular hand soap or shampoo to leave your skin and hair feeling clean and odor-free. For best results, leave it on for approximately 2 minutes before washing off.

  • Perfect for Agricultural Settings OdorPro™ is specifically designed to neutralize and remove residual offensive odors commonly found in agricultural and livestock settings, including swine, poultry, and cattle. Say goodbye to unpleasant smells once and for all.