Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5
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Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5
Bovi-Shield GOLD FP 5
Zoetis Animal Health

Bovi-Shield GOLD® FP® 5, 50 Dose

Category: Vaccines, Big Order Discount Excluded

Species: Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle

Active Ingredient(s): parainfluenza type 3 (PI-3); bovine respiratory synctial virus (BRSV); bovine virus diarrhea type-1 (BVD-1); bovine virus diarrhea type-2 (BVD-2); infection bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR)

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Product details

For beef cattle producers, BOVI-SHIELD GOLD FP® 5 provides protection for heifers and cows from reproductive and respiratory forms of infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus and bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) Types 1 and 2 viruses as well as respiratory disease caused by parainfluenza 3 (PI3) virus and bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV).

  • Dosage and Administration: Vaccination of healthy cattle is recommended. Aseptically rehydrate the freeze-dried vaccine with the sterile diluent provided, mix well, and administer 2 mL subcutaneously (SC) or intramuscularly (IM). In accordance with Beef Quality Assurance guidelines, this product should be administered SC or IM in the neck region.

    • Primary Vaccination: Administer a single 2-mL dose to healthy cattle. To avoid possible maternal antibody interference with active immunization, calves vaccinated before the age of 6 months should be revaccinated after 6 months of age.

    • Revaccination: Historically, annual revaccination with a single dose is recommended. The need for annual booster vaccinations has not been established for this product; consultation with a veterinarian is recommended.

Bovi-Shield GOLD® FP® 5 is a registered trademark of Zoetis, Inc.