Bovilis Coronavirus
Bovilis Coronavirus
Bovilis Coronavirus
Merck Animal Health

Bovilis® Coronavirus, 50 Dose

Product label
Beef Cattle
Active Ingredient
bovine coronavirus (BCV)

Recommended for use in healthy calves as an aid in the reduction of enteric disease caused by bovine coronavirus. Efficacy was demonstrated in calves 3 days of age and older, and safety has been demonstrated in calves 1 day of age and older.


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Product details
Package size
50 Dose
Beef Cattle
Active Ingredient
  • bovine coronavirus (BCV)
Used for
Used during
Branding/Castrating, Breeding, Calving/Freshening, Feedlot Arrival, Pre Conditioning, Weaning
Route of administration

BOVILIS® Coronavirus is a registered trademark of Merck Animal Health