Bovine BlueLite
TechMix, LLC

Bovine BlueLite, 2 lb

Category: Other Drugs & Treatments, Big Order Discount Eligible

Species: Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle

Active Ingredient(s): calcium; phosphorus; sodium chloride; magnesium; potassium; vitamin A; vitamin D3; vitamin E


$13.42 ($6.71/lb)

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Product details

Hydration is the key component for health and profitability. Easy-to-administer electrolyte, Bovine BlueLite® electrolyte is very palatable, buffered, and provides added energy sources and vitamins needed during periods of dehydration and other health challenges. Bovine BlueLite is the only electrolyte available on the market that is also available in a ready to use pelleted form.  Bovine BlueLite Pellets facilitate and enhance thermal regulation.  Stimulating cooling mechanisms and impacting nutrient utilization during heat stress improves dry matter intake, feed efficiency and average daily gain.  Add Bovine BlueLite to the ration, top dress or mix in the water to help provide essential hydration support, to help improve carcass quality and shrink reduction. 

  • When to Use
    • For starting feedlot cattle

    • At arrival to the yard

    • During hot weather and for heat stress

    • In hospital pen

    • Following coccidiosis break

    • Following weaning