Colostrum Replacer 115g Value Pick

Colostrum Replacer 115g Value Pick

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Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle
Active Ingredient(s)
immunoglobulin(s) G; colostrum (bovine)

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Product details

Colostrum Replacer is used to replace maternal colostrum as an aid in the treatment of Failure of Passive Transfer (FPT) in newborn calves. Each 640 gram bag provides 115 grams of IgG fed. Mix the powder with water (110 to 120°F or 43 to 49°C) and feed by nipple bottle within 1.5 hours after birth, and tube feed any remainder. Calves should receive a second feeding of colostrum within 8 hours. Calves fed 1 package to completely replace maternal colostrum achieved average serum IgG levels of 14.6 mg / mL and average serum protein levels of 5.0 g / dL. Feeding additional amounts provide health benefits and is recommended when calves have a birth weight > 106.7 lbs or 48.5 kg, are stressed or calfhood disease incidence is high.