Component E-S with Tylan
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Component E-S with Tylan
Component E-S with Tylan
Elanco US, Inc.

Component® E-S with Tylan®, 100 Dose

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Species: Beef Cattle

Active Ingredient(s): estradiol benzoate (20 mg); progesterone (200 mg); tylosin tartrate (29 mg)


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Product details

Component E-S (progesterone and estradiol implant) Implants are recommended for use in steers weighing 400 lbs or more for INCREASED RATE OF WEIGHT GAIN AND IMPROVED FEED EFFICIENCY. Each cartridge belt holds 20 doses of Component E-S with Tylan (progesterone and estradiol and tylosin implant) Implants. Each dose of 9 pellets consists of 8 pellets containing a total of 200 mg progesterone USP and 20 mg estradiol benzoate plus 1 pellet containing 29 mg tylosin tartrate as a local antibacterial.

Component® and Tylan® are registered trademarks of Elanco US, Inc.