Denagard® 12.5% Liter
Denagard® 12.5% Liter
Denagard 12.5%
Elanco US, Inc.

Denagard® 12.5%, 1 L

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As compared to Tiagard 12.5% Concentrate, Vetmulin or Triamulox Liquid Concentrate

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$33.65 ($33.65/L)

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Product details

Denagard® LC treats swine pneumonia caused by Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae (APP), a highly contagious disease often characterized by sudden onset, short clinical course, high morbidity, and high mortality.

Survivors of the disease often remain carriers, and exhibit chronic coughing and slow growth due to lung adhesions and abscesses that form in recovered lungs.

Adding Denagard LC to water for five consecutive days, especially during stressors such as weaning and commingling, can reduce mortality and the overall impact of APP.

Denagard® is a registered trademark of Elanco US, Inc.