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Atarrus In-Field Results (Plants)
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As compared to Megafol 3-0-8, Anova® 5-0-0 or Voyagro® 4-0-16

Type: Biostimulant

Active Ingredient(s): Photosynthetic Enhancer (1 lbs/gal)


$18,282.35 each


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A go-to tank-mix partner for stress mitigation and plant health in your post-emergence herbicide applications, Atarrus™ is a premium photosynthetic enhancer that mitigates the negative impact of weather and pesticide stress on crops with the assimilation of Nitrogen into the plant. Unlike other amino-acid based nutrition products, Atarrus delivers a blend of the 18 amino acids plants need in a concentrated peptide form, which are more consistently available and active within the plant, providing the superior plant vigor and performance needed to mitigate stress.

Atarrus provides application flexibility with compatibility in solution with most common tank mixes throughout the season. The ideal scenario for Atarrus is as a preventative treatment in advance of crop stress.

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