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Farmers First™

Inhabit P™

As compared to Nourish B™, Inhabit N™ or Nourish Zn™

Type: Biostimulant

Active Ingredient(s): High Uptake Nutrient (1 lbs/gal)


$10,722.25 each


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For corn farmers using liquid starter fertilizer who want to store and handle less fertilizer, Inhabit P™ is a low-salt, high-efficiency starter that provides an up to 10x reduction in product used with a proven ability to maintain expected yields when using at a rate of 2 qts. vs. 5 gal. of conventional starter. Unlike conventional starter fertilizer such as 10-34-0, Inhabit P contains a unique micro-humate complexed with phosphorus that keeps nutrients available to the plant and reduces tie-up which results in less product purchased, stored, hauled, and applied.

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Mitchell Roth
FBN Employee


Have you tried Inhabit P on your farm?

Have you tried using #InhabitP instead of another starter #fertilizer? Tell me about your experiences. Are you using it in-furrow, 2X2, or another way? Are you using it on #corn or other crops? If you are planning to use it for the first time, what was the driving factor that led you to try it? Your response may be displayed on other pages. By posting a response, you agree to the terms at

Have you tried Inhabit P on your farm?


Verified FBN Member (MN)

I haven't personally tried it yet, but once this rain clears up, I do have some on the way that I will be testing this year. I plan to put it up against our normal 10-34-0/1 qt Z, and against nothing. Should be interesting!


Mitchell Roth
FBN Employee

We've had success blending some chelated zinc with Inhabit P as well, so long as the Inhabit P is diluted with water according to the label before adding the zinc. Happy testing, and keep us in the loop!

Colin Pennington
FBN Employee

Looking forward to seeing/hearing the results!

Verified FBN Member (IA)

what is a good mix of all these inhabit products for a complete starter package. I see water would need to be added if running alone.

I am interested in the “build” the “start” and the “catalyst adv”

Or just adding a small amount to an existing 6-24-6 program what these are intended for?

Looking for recommendations. Thanks in advance


Mitchell Roth
FBN Employee

Everything in the "Inhabit" lineup also contains a unique microhumate that improves compatibility with other products, especially other Inhabit products. The exact blend that would work best for you depends largely on your soil type, fertility, equipment setup, and yield goals. For example, if you wanted to blend Inhabit Build with a 6-24-6, the 6-24-6 would be carrying the bulk of the load in pro...


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