FBN 18 STRESS Tub pallet
FBN 18 Stress Tub Sell Sheet
Farmers Business Network, Inc.

FBN 18 STRESS Tub, 1 Ton (8 tubs)

Type: FD - Tubs


$1,510.00 ($0.76/lb)


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Product details

The FBN 18 Stress Tub is formulated for weaning and receiving calves.

  • This tub provides the benefits of water soluble carbohydrates to attract intake interest, enhance fiber digestion and microbial efficiency in the rumen and achieve intakes of minerals and vitamins that meet the predicted requirement with reduced feed intake.

  • Generally calves that have been weaned or received from another location have intakes reduced to half or less normal intake level, meaning that nutrients such as electrolytes and trace minerals are not consumed at needed levels. These nutrients are critical to maintaining normal cell function and immune response, central to disease prevention and recovery. This tub provides electrolytes and trace minerals at twice the recommended levels and in hydroxychloride form to ensure trace mineral availability.

  • Mannanoligosaccharides (MOS) and beta glucans from yeast are provided to help with pathogen binding and immune function. The goal of this product is provide micronutrients and MOS/beta glucans that prevent sickness and repulls in weaned or newly arrived calves.

  • Free choice salt (NaCl) should be offered with this tub