FBN 20 All-Nat Tub
FBN 20 All-Nat Tub
FBN 20 All-Nat Tub pallet
Farmers Business Network, Inc.

FBN 20 All-Nat Tub, 1 Ton (8 tubs)

FD - Tubs

$1,270.00 ($0.64/lb)


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Product details
  • FBN 20 ALL-NAT TUB is formulated for cows grazing forage or fed good quality hay, less than 55% NDF (neutral detergent fiber), that has 8% or greater crude protein levels.

  • Forage with 8% or greater crude protein should supply adequate ammonia for rumen microbes therefore no NPN (non-protein nitrogen) would benefit rumen digestion or microbial growth.

  • The tub provides the benefits of water soluble carbohydrates to enhance fiber digestion and microbial efficiency in the rumen and consistent intake of minerals and vitamins.

  • Like a free-choice mineral, the FBN 20 ALLNAT TUB provides minerals and fat-soluble vitamins at levels that meet the cow’s requirement for her health and reproduction. Sugars in the molasses can increase fiber digestion and microbial efficiency, resulting in more energy for the cow from your forage and more amino acids from rumen bacteria for the cow to use.

  • Free choice salt (NaCl) should be offered with this tub.