Achieve PRO with Cryptex Paste Supplement
Agri Laboratories, LTD

Achieve PRO with Cryptex Paste Supplement, 60 g

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Product details

ACHIEVE® PRO supports calves during times of stress. ACHIEVE PRO with Cryptex provides a scientifically formulated blend of nutrients, beneficial microorganisms, and specific targeted proteins, along with a proprietary matrix of polysaccharides and yeast extract to help calves through periods of stress, particularly during the first 14 days of life when they are most vulnerable to disease.

  • Benefits

ACHIEVE® PRO contains essential proteins, nutrients and buffering agents:

  • Glycine – a protein building block and neurotransmitter

  • Prebiotic inulin – promotes growth of beneficial bacteria and helps to strengthen the immune system

  • Beneficial bacteria – a combination of nine prebiotic products, including essential lactobacilli, populates the rumen with microflora required for efficient digestion of a feed/forage diet

  • Targeted lgY proteins – supports gut health

  • Cryptex® – a proprietary blend of yeast extract and dextran for extra energy and to support gut integrity during stress

  • Bone charcoal – helps to soothe the gut

Achieve PRO® with Cryptex® Paste Supplement