Allflex Twin Ecomatic Syringe
Allflex USA, Inc.

Allflex Twin Ecomatic Syringe 1/1 EM

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$104.80 ($104.80/each)

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Product details
  • Simultaneous vaccination of two products independently

  • Premium quality plastic syringe with durable plastic barrels

  • Reusable – The only plastic syringe that can be boiled

  • Ergonomic, lightweight design for comfort and ease of use

  • Bottle mount and/or tubing connection

  • Adjustable barrel orientation for comfort and different bottle sizes

  • Unique patent Pending Needle Nut Swivel Design

Package includes:

  • Two Universal Bottle Collars (20mm & 30mm)

  • Two Universal Spigot Draw-off Collars (4-6mm)

  • Two soft PVC tubing