Dectogard Pour-On 5 L
Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Dectogard Pour-On, 5 L

As compared to Dectomax Pour-On Solution

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  • DectoGard™ Pour-On solution is a ready-to-use, systemically active, clear blue solution containing 0.5% w/v doramectin (5 mg/mL). It is formulated to deliver the recommended dosage of 500 mcg/kg (227 mcg/lb) of body weight when given by topical administration. First generic doramectin topical solution approved by FDA for treatment and control of gastrointestinal roundworms, lungworms, eyeworms, grubs, biting and sucking lice, horn flies, and mange mites in cattle. ▪Contains convenient weatherproof formulation for enhanced protection in most climates ▪Controls external and internal parasites with a single dose ▪Convenient 45-day, pre-slaughter withdrawal period ▪Delivers a long duration of activity against major cattle lice species: 77 days against the cattle-biting louse (Bovicola bovis) and 42 days against the long-nosed cattle louse (Linognathus vituli)

Dectogard™ Pour-On is a trademark of Aurora Pharmaceutical, Inc.