FBN Mineral Bag
Farmers Business Network, Inc.

FBN Hi-Mag Forage Min 12:4 MON1600, 1 Ton (40 Bags)

Type: FD - Mineral

Active Ingredient(s): monensin (1600 g/ton)


$1,123.19 ($0.56/lb)


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Product details

Mineral for Cows Grazing Rapid Growth Forage

  • FBN HI-MAG FORAGE MIN 12:4 is designed for cows grazing rapidly growing forage such as spring pastures.

  • The potential exists in these pastures for the pasture plants to have magnesium levels not capable of meeting the cow’s magnesium requirement. This product supplies half of the predicted magnesium requirement that should be sufficient to prevent grass tetany.