GCS Atrazine 4L tote
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GCS Atrazine 4L tote
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Generic Crop Science, LLC

GCS Atrazine 4L

As compared to Atra-V™ 4L, Infantry™ 4L or Atrazine 4L Value Pick


Active Ingredient(s): Atrazine (4 lbs/gal)


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GCS Atrazine 4L controls many annual broadleaf and grass weeds in corn, sorghum, sugarcane, and certain other crops specified on this label. It is also effective in industrial sites for control of most annual and many perennial broadleaf and grass weeds. GCS Atrazine 4L may be applied before or after weeds emerge.

Since this product acts mainly through root absorption, its effectiveness depends on moisture to move it into the root zone. If weeds develop, a shallow cultivation or rotary hoeing will generally result in better weed control.


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