LactiproFLX® Dairy

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LactiproFLX® Dairy, 25 Count

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Product details

LactiproFLX® is a small, convenient capsule that contains the appropriate number of the rumen-native bacteria, Mega e, for the specific animal type. One capsule per administration is all that is needed.

LactiproFLX Dairy is for dairy cows and beef cows.

LactiproFLX is packaged in a resealable zipper pouch and contains 25 capsules/pouch. Each capsule is individually sealed to maintain product quality. Do not remove from the individual pouch until ready to administer.

LactiproFLX requires the use of a customized applicator. MS Biotec offers a metal option for feedlot cattle and cows and a small plastic applicator for young calves.

MUST be refrigerated upon arrival and stored in refrigeration when not in use.

  • Offer extended shelf life of months.

  • Contain the potent lactic acid-utilizing bacteria Megasphaera elsdenii NCIMB 41125 in a viable, freeze-dried form.

  • LactiproNXT and LactiproFLX provide the same number of bacteria per head and are equally effective.

LactiproFLX® is a registered trademark of MS Biotec, Inc.