Fresh Start

Fresh Start, 40 lb

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Product details

A unique blend of ingredients used as a drench for fresh cows, dehydrated cows, off feed cows and after surgery.

  • No need to drench additional calcium because Fresh Start contains the same level of calcium as other oral calcium supplements. Calcium levels in sick cows are often marginal, especially those with DA's or retained placentas. The higher calcium level will help fight subclinical milk fever and low blood calcium.

  • Potassium, sodium and magnesium are essential electrolytes that create a balanced electrolyte solution. Potassium is critical for proper metabolism and magnesium is important for calcium absorption from the gut.

  • Yeast is included in the drench as a probiotic, helping to rebalance the rumen flora. The yeast species included have been shown to positively alter the rumen environment to support proper fermentation. Off-feed cattle and those recovering from DA's will benefit from the rumen rebalancing efforts of the microflora.

  • A healthy immune system is supported by Vitamin E. Supplemental Vitamin E boosts the immune system and helps sick cows to recover faster.

  • Dextrose is the main ingredient in Fresh Start to ensure that cows have the energy source they need until they are back on feed. Sick and fresh animals are in an energy deficient state and they need this energy source to get back on track. The glucose precursors found in propylene glycol are also included in Fresh Start so the cow can start producing its own energy. There is no need to supplement propylene glycol when giving this drench because of the high levels of energy in the drench.