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Liquitein, 2.5 Gal

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Active Ingredients
animal serum; salt(s)

$171.42 ($68.57/gal)

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Product details

Liquitein® is a Nutrient Dense Liquid providing nutritional support through plasma proteins, energy and electrolytes when feed intake is low, inconsistent or non-existent.  Maintaining nutrient flow to the intestinal tract during the weaning transition to dry feed, or when a pig is challenged or stressed reduces fall-behinds. Providing proteins, electrolytes, and energy to the challenged pig helps rehydrate, corrects nutrient deficiencies, and improves intestinal integrity.  

  • When to use

    • At weaning to provide more nutrients to the pig through the water

    • During times of stress or sickness to minimize nutrient disruption

    • For recovery after stress or sickness to support intestinal health

    • Optimal support for PEDV pigs and those with ulcers