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Mastishield Teat Sealant, 144 Count



$317.41 ($2.20/unit)

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Product details

Indicated as an aid in the prevention of new intramammary infection throughout the dry period by providing a malleable barrier in the teat canal. This results in a reduction in the incidence of clinical mastitis for the entire dry period by preventing bacteria from entering the teat canal. · Mimics the cow’s natural first line of defense, the keratin plug · Provides a safe, antibiotic free, physical barrier between the udder and the environment · Helps control mastitis during the dry period where more than 50% of early lactation Escherichia coli mastitis cases begin · Compatible with conventional dry cow management practices · Comes in easy to use 4 gram syringes containing 2.6 grams of bismuth subnitrate · Two-stage tip allows flexibility when administering product to assure proper sealant placement · Zero milk withdrawal and zero meat withdrawal

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