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Acceleron® DX-910

Actinovate® AG

Actinovate® AG

Actinovate® Lawn and Garden

Actinovate® Lawn and Garden

Actinovate® SP

Actinovate® SP




Avodigen™ Biofungicide/Bionematicide

Avodigen™ Biological Fungicide/Nematicide

Avonni™ Seed Treatment


Bexfond™ Biological Fungicide

Bio-Tam® 2.0

Bio-Tam® 2.0

Blossom Protect™



Double Nickel 55™

Double Nickel® LC

HiStick® N/T For Use on Beans (Dry/Snap)

HiStick® N/T For Use on Peanuts

HiStick® N/T For Use on Soybean

Howler® EVO

Howler® Fungicide

Howler® Lawn and Garden

Integral® Liquid Biofungicide for Peanut

Integral® Liquid Biofungicide for Soybean


Lalstop G46 WG

Lalstop K61 WP

Mycostop® Biofungicide

PA 2030 Red Biofungicide

PPCT 2012 Red Biofungicide

PPCT 2013 Purple Biofungicide

PPST 2030 G Biofungicide

PVent Microbial WP


PlantShield® HC

PreFence™ Biofungicide

R.S.S.I.™ Granules

R.S.S.I.™ WP

RootShield® AG

RootShield® Granules

RootShield® Home and Garden

RootShield® Plus Granules

RootShield® Plus WP

RootShield® WP Biological Fungicide


Serenade® Opti

Serifel® Biofungicide

Serifel® M Biofungicide

Serifel® NG Biological Fungicide


Subtilex® NG

T-22™ HC

Taegro® 2

Tenet WP

Tenet WP

Triathlon® BA

Trunemco™ Corn

Trunemco™ Corn/Soy

Trunemco™ Cotton

Trunemco™ Nematode Management

Trunemco™ Soybean

TurfShield® PLUS WP

Vault® IP Plus

Vectorite™ with CR-7 for Bumble Bee Vectoring

Vectorite™ with CR-7 for Honey Bee Vectoring

Xanthion® In-furrow fungicide

Zironar™ Biofungicide/Bionematicide

Labeled Weeds, Insects & Diseases