PT® Alpine® Pressurized Fly Bait
BASF Corporation

PT® Alpine® Pressurized Fly Bait, 16 oz

Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Swine, Poultry, Sheep/Goat
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$30.24 ($1.89/oz)

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Product details

A fast acting, convenient and ready-to-use bait spray for the control of flies with versatility of use in commercial or residential settings. Can be applied as area, band or spot treatment applications and may be used for treatments around window areas, dining rooms, bar areas and other areas where fly control is critical.

  • Ready-to-use

  • Convenient spray application

  • Dries clear with no odor

  • Fast acting

  • Applies easily and quickly with no mess

  • Can be used where granular bait is not appropriate and insect light traps fall short

  • Non repellent, so pests come in contact with treated areas and are exposed to a lethal dose.

Fast-Acting: Kills flies in seconds as they stop to investigate the placement. It has no perceptible odor and dries clear. But don’t let its stealth fool you, it takes care of flies fast. Convenient: A ready-to-use pressurized formulation is ready to go with no mixing or mess. It can be applied as a spot, band or area application, or as a removable bait placement. Versatile: A liberal label allows uses indoors and outdoors; residential and commercial accounts; and even special events such as fairgrounds and outdoor weddings.

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