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Introducing Profectus™ Feeds, powered by FBN®

Profectus™ Feeds from FBN

Profectus™ Feeds revolutionizes feedlot nutrition with improved feed efficiency, predictable growth and better digestive health to optimize profit.

Improve Feed Efficiency

Reduce cost of gain with feed efficiency improvements of 5-15% by balancing amino acids to energy.

Increase Profit Potential

Enhance throughput with improved average daily gains and uniform growth with proven $125+* per head of increased profit potential.

Enhance Digestive Health

Limit rumen problems, such as acidosis and bloat, by reducing overconsumption from high-starch grains.

Profectus™ Results

Feed Your Bottom Line

In a recent trial of 335 head of Angus-Holstein cross calves in southwest Minnesota, the producer made $23,090 more from calves on Profectus™ Feeds compared to the control group of calves on a conventional diet, realizing a total value increase of $127.82** per head.

Calves in the Profectus™ Feeds group saw improved average daily gains, optimized carcass premiums, reduced feed needs, lower yardage requirements and lower mortality rates.

Profectus Post Trial Results Graph
Feed Your ROI

Profectus™ Feeds Supplement Options


Tailored for calves weighing between 200-600 lbs, these supplements provide essential nutrients to encourage healthy growth, immune system support, and overall vitality during the crucial early stages of feeding.


Set the stage for your bulls and heifers with Profectus™ Feeds’ Developer supplements. These products are specifically designed to optimize genetic expression from post-weaning up to two years of age.


Support the growth phase of your young cattle with Profectus™ Feeds' Grower supplements. These nutrient-rich products are designed to encourage efficient lean weight gain and facilitate a smooth transition from weaning to finish.


Optimize the quality and yield of your beef with Profectus™ Feeds' Finisher supplements. These specialized products are formulated to minimize digestive upset in high starch diets and encourage muscle development in the final stages of your cattle's growth.


Simplify your feeding program with Profectus™ Feeds' innovative Grow-Fin supplements. These all-in-one products optimize efficiency, ensuring your cattle experience continuous, balanced nutrition for sustained growth from weaning to harvest.
Profectus Approach

The Right Nutrition, The Right Way

Backed by rigorous research on cellular metabolic efficiency and how to match amino acid supply to energy density of the diet, Profectus™ Feeds was developed by FBN Senior Ruminant Nutritionist Dr. Monty Kerley in conjunction with Boveta Nutrition™. 

“After decades," says Dr. Kerley, "we’re able to deliver this solution to beef producers and its unique potential to decrease feed costs while maintaining optimal growth."

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“We did a side-by-side comparison and we've seen a tremendous increase in growth efficiency and a lot of cost savings, which can make our operation that much more profitable.

- Steve Van Heerde, Van Heerde Farms, South Dakota

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