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Learn how to order prescription livestock products

How to Order Prescription Products on FBN

Get step-by-step directions on how to order prescription products for your livestock.

5 Simple Steps to Ordering Livestock Prescription Products

Shop 24/7 at FBN for the prescription products you need to help keep your livestock healthy. The Animal Health store is stocked with vaccines that you can order online and get delivered directly to your farm or ranch. Follow the five simple steps outlined in the free download How to Order Prescription Products at FBN.com to learn:

  • The easy way to determine whether you need a prescription for an animal health product

  • How our pharmacy team can obtain necessary prescriptions from your preferred veterinarian 

  • The safe and efficient way orders that require refrigeration are delivered

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Provide information on where and when to deliver your order.


Choose one of three payment methods (ACH transfer, credit card, or extended terms).

Sales Tax Exemption

Complete the sales tax form to ensure sales tax is not required for the order.

FBN Prescription Products FAQs

If you are looking for a specific item that is not on the online store, you may contact our livestock sales team at (877) 218-9411 who will assist you.

Rest assured, items requiring refrigeration are packed in secure thermal boxes with frozen gel packs and delivered within 48 hours.

Returns are not available on any animal health products at this time.

Yes. If you are on a manufacturer contract or loyalty program, you can buy your products through FBN while maintaining your manufacturer pricing. FBN promotions do not stack on top of manufacturer contract pricing. To get started call us at (877) 218-9411.