2024 FBN® Silage Guide

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2024 FBN Silage Guide

Whether you're looking for silage seed or products to care for the animals consuming it, FBN has the food and health products you need.

In this product guide, you'll learn more about:

  • Corn Silage Seed: Take advantage of dual purpose conventional corn seed hybrids from F2F Genetics developed to ensure the best yield and quality an operation can find at a price that won't break your bottom line.

  • Forage Inoculant: A high moisture forage inoculant containing bacteria in a water soluble form, Forage Inoculant All-Purpose 500 contains several species of lactic acid-producing bacteria to cover a broad range of harvest options.

  • Animal Health & Feed: Support the needs of animals in your operation with a complete lineup of products focused on producing a healthy herd whether you're looking for vaccines, antibiotics, or feed supplements.

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