All products below include Glyphosate as an active ingredient.
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  • Glyphosate ONLY
Products which only have Glyphosate (no other active ingredients)
Abundit™ Extra (Exclusively Distributed by DuPont)Accord® Concentrate HerbicideAccord® XRT HerbicideAgri Star® Gly Star® 5 ExtraAgri Star® Gly Star® GoldAgri Star® Gly Star® K-PlusAgri Star® Gly Star® OriginalAgri Star® Gly Star® PlusAgSaver™ Glyphosate 41% PlusAlecto™ 41 HLAlecto™ 41SAlligare Glyphosate 5.4Aqua Star®AquaNeat® Aquatic HerbicideBuccaneer® (55467-10)Buccaneer® 5Buccaneer® 5 ExtraBuccaneer® Plus (55467-9)Cinco™Cornerstone®Cornerstone® 5 PlusCornerstone® PlusCornerstone® Plus (1381-192)Cornerstone® Plus (524-454-1381)Cornerstone® Plus (74530-43-1381)Credit 41Credit® 41Credit® 41 ExtraCredit® XtremeCrop$mart™ Glyphosate 41% ExtraDuramax® HerbicideDurango® DMA® HerbicideEnvyEnvy™Envy™ IntenseExtra Credit 5®Farm General 41% GlyphosateFireBallFirstStep® Herbicide Tank MixForesters'® Non-Selective HerbicideFour Power Plus®Gly Star® 5 ExtraGly Star® GoldGly Star® K-PlusGly Star® OriginalGly Star® PlusGly Star® Pro Grass and Weed KillerGlyfine™ 5 PlusGlyfine™ PlusGlyfos® Aquatic HerbicideGlyfos® X-TRA HerbicideGlyphogan HerbicideGlyphogan® HerbicideGlyphogan® Plus HerbicideGlyphosate 4 PlusGlyphosate 5.4Glyphosate 5.4Glyphosate 5.88 lb Value PickGlyphosate PlusGlySupreme Plus™Helosate® Plus AdvancedHonchoHoncho® HerbicideHoncho® PlusHoss® UltraImitator® AquaticImitator® DAImitator® PlusKleenUp® Pro HerbicideMad Dog®Mad Dog® 5.4Mad Dog® PlusMakaze® HerbicideMirage® (524-445-34704)Mirage® Plus Herbicide (524-454-34704)Mountaineer™Pronto® Big N' Tuf® 41% Glyphosate Weed & GrassRanger PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Rascal®Rascal® PlusRazor®Razor® ProRodeo® HerbicideRoundup Custom® (Monsanto)Roundup PowerMAX®Roundup PowerMAX® II (Monsanto)Roundup PRO® Herbicide (Monsanto)Roundup Ultra®Roundup WeatherMAX® (Monsanto)RT 3® Herbicide (Monsanto)Shar-Max Glyphosate 41% SLShowdown® HerbicideShypho-AQ Aquatic & VMSlam 54 ExtraSunphosateTomahawk 4Tomahawk 5Top Dog® Glycel 41% Plus HerbicideTop Dog® Glycel Ultra MaxTouchdown HiTech®Touchdown Total®Touchdown® CTTouchdown® CT2Touchdown® HerbicideTraxion®Vanish Plus 41% Glyphosate