Every product that labels GROUNDSEL as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Abundit® EdgeAbundit® EdgeAlligare Triumph® 22KAxill Solutions Paraquat 3SLAxxe®Barrier® 50W Dichlobenil HerbicideBarrier® Ornamental Landscaping HerbicideBasamid® GBiathlon® Ornamental HerbicideBK 800Blindside® HerbicideBrahma 44Broadrange® 55 HerbicideBrushmaster® HerbicideCadet™Carnivore® HerbicideCasoron® 4GCasoron® 4GCasoron® CSClean Slate® (Nufarm)Cleansweep™ M HerbicideCleantraxx™Cyclone™ SL 2.0Derive 75 DFDerive® 4LDesperado® Selective HerbicideDevour™Dimetric® DF 75%Dimetric® EXTDiuron 80 WDG Weed KillerDurango® DMA® HerbicideEndRun®Eptam® 7-E Selective HerbicideFinal-San-OFinesse® Cereal and FallowFinesse® Cereal and Fallow HerbicideFirestorm®FMC Report® ExtraFoundation® Turf HerbicideGaligan® 2EGlory®Goal® 2XL HerbicideGramoxone Inteon®Gramoxone® SLGramoxone® SL 2.0Gramoxone® SL 3.0Graslan® LGrazon® P+D Specialty HerbicideGrazonPD3™GunSlinger®Gunslinger® P+DHelmquat 3SLHi-Dep® Broadleaf HerbicideHi-Dep® IVM Broadleaf HerbicideHoncho® K6 HerbicideHoncho® K6 Herbicide (Monsanto)Krovar® DF Crop HerbicideKrovar® I DFKrovar® I DF HerbicideMe-Try-Buzin™ 4LMe-Try-Buzin™ 75DFMetribuzin 75Metribuzin 75DFMetricor™ 4FMetricor™ DFMetriflex 4SCMetrixxMetrixx 75DFMetrixx SCMezaVue™Mission® HerbicideNufarm Double O™ SPC HerbicideOmni® Brand Metribuzin 75 DFPara-Shot 3.0Paraquat 43.2% SLParaquat ConcentrateParazone® 3SLParazone® 3SLPasture Pro® HerbicidePennant MAGNUM®PicturePowerZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfPrincep® 4LPrincep® Caliber 90® HerbicidePrincep® LiquidPurgatory™ 3 SLQ4® Plus Turf Herbicide Grassy & Broadleaf WeedsQuik-Quat™Rancor™ 4 FRancor™ 75 DFReport® ExtraRoundup PowerMAX®Roundup PowerMAX® 3 (Monsanto)Roundup PowerMAX® 3 HerbicideRoundup PowerMAX® HerbicideRoundup PowerMAX® IIRoundup PowerMAX® II (Monsanto)Roundup Ultra®Roundup WeatherMAX® (Monsanto)Roundup WeatherMAX® HerbicideSaber®Sectagon-42® (RUP)Sim-Trol® 4L Simazine Flowable HerbicideSim-Trol® 90DF Simazine Dry Flowable HerbicideSimazine 4LSimazine 4LSimazine 4L FlowableSimazine 90 WDGSimazine 90DFSimazine 90DF (Drexel)Sinbar® WDGSolicam® DF HerbicideSolicam® DF HerbicideSpeedZone® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® EW Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® Southern Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSpeedZone® Southern EW Broadleaf Herbicide forTurfSpiruS™Stinger® HerbicideSuerte™Super Trimec® Broadleaf HerbicideSuperBrush™ KillerSurge® Broadleaf Herbicide for TurfSurmount® HerbicideSweep® HerbicideTordon® 22K Specialty HerbicideTriCor® 4FTriCor® DFTrimec® 1000 Low Odor Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® 992 Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Bentgrass Formula Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Classic Brand Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Encore Broadleaf HerbicideTrimec® Southern Broadleaf HerbicideTriumph® 22KTriumph® XTRTrooper® 22KTrooper® P+DTrooper™ ExtraTrooper™ ProTZone™ SE Broadleaf Herbicide for Tough WeedsWillowood Metribuzin 75DFWillowood Paraquat 3SLWillowood Sulfen 4SC