Every product that labels HEMPNETTLE as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Agri Star Dicamba HDAutonomy™ HerbicideAutumn™ Super 51 WDG HerbicideBasamid® GBase Camp® MCP EsterBoomer™ HerbicideCheetah® HerbicideCheetah® ProCheetah™ Max HerbicideCimarron® X-traClarifier®Clarifier®Clarity® herbicideClash® Selective HerbicideColt®+Sword® HerbicideDagger®Derigo® HerbicideDetonate® HerbicideDetonate® Herbicide (old version)Dicamba DGADicamba HD 5Dicamba Max 4Dicamba XPDiCash DGA-4DiFlexx® DUODiFlexx™ HerbicideDisha DMADolerity™ DGAElevore™ Herbicide Arylex™ ActiveEngenia HerbicideFever™Fever™ HerbicideFeXapan™ herbicide Plus VaporGrip™ TechnologyFinale® XL F-VM herbicideFinesse® Cereal and FallowFinesse® Cereal and Fallow HerbicideFinesse® Grass & Broadleaf HerbicideFMC Report® ExtraForfeit® 280Glean XP HerbicideGlean® Fertilizer Compatible HerbicideGlean® XPGoldSky® HerbicideGR1 HerbicideGR1™GR2Harmony® Extra SG Herbicide (with TotalSol®)Horsepower® Selective HerbicideHuskie® CompleteHuskie® FXHuskie® HerbicideInflame™ 280 SLInterline® HerbicideIntermoc™Liberty® 280 SLLiberty® 280 SL HerbicideLifeline® GTLuxxur B HerbicideMCP Amine 4MCP Ester 4 HerbicideMCPA AmineMCPA Amine 4MCPA Amine 4 (Albaugh)MCPA Ester 4MCPA Ester 4MCPA L. V. 4 EsterMCPA-4 AmineMCPE PhenoxyNoventa™ HerbicideNufarm Leopard™ HerbicideOpenSky®OpportunityOrion® HerbicidePerfectMatch™ HerbicidePerspective®Pixxaro® ECPowerFlex® HerbicidePowerFlex® HL HerbicideQuelex® Herbicide with Arylex™ ActiveRaze® Herbicide by WinfieldReckon™ 280SLRefer® 280 SL HerbicideRely® 280 HerbicideReport® ExtraReport™ HerbicideRezuvant™ herbicideRhomene® MCPA BroadleafScout™ HerbicideShredder® MCPAShredder® MCPESimplicity® CASinate® HerbicideSolve™ MCPA EsterStarane® Flex HerbicideSterling Blue® HerbicideSterling® BlueSterling® Blue DGAStrut®Surmise®Surmise® 5Sword®Talinor™Tarzec™TeamMate®Telar® XPTenkoz® MCPA Broadleaf Amine 4Tide Glufosinate 280 SLTotal® 2.3Total® HerbicideTravallas™Varro®Vision™ HerbicideVoucher®WideARmatch™ HerbicideWildCard®Willowood Glufosinate 280SLWillowood Glufosinate 280SL (OT)Wolverine® AdvancedWolverine® HerbicideXtendimax w/VaporGrip Technology (2020)XtendiMax® With VaporGrip® Technology