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Every product that labels PHYTOPHTHORA ROOT ROT as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Actinovate® AGAdage™ STAliette® WDG FungicideAlude™ FungicideAnchor™ 3L STApron MAXX® RTA® + MolyAviv™Axyl-Shield 2E FoliarBasamid® GBruin™Captan 50WCarb-O-Nator®Clariva® Elite BeansCompass®Compass™ O 50 WDGCruiserMaxx® AdvancedCruiserMaxx® EZCruiserMaxx® PlusDouble Nickel 55™Double Nickel® LCElumin® FungicideEquity® VIPForum® fungicideFungi-Phite® FungicideGuarda®Helena® ProPhyt®Howler® EVOHowler® FungicideHurricane® WDGINTEGO SUITE {INTEGO SOLO}Intego® Fungicide SoybeansK-Phite® 7LP Systemic Fungicide BactericideKarma®Legume Premix F2 RTU STLegumeStar Fungicide STLegumeStar™ Select STLinebacker® WDG Agricultural FungicideLinebacker® WDG Agricultural Fungicide (REI = 12)Lumisena™Metalaxyl 2E AGMetastar 2E FungicideNutrol®Obvius® Plus Fungicide Seed TreatmentOrondis®Orondis® Gold (Premix) FungicideOrondis® Gold 200Orondis® Gold BOrondis® Opti AOrondis® Ultra (Premix)Orondis® Ultra AOrondis® Ultra BOrvego® fungicideOxiDate® 2.0OxiDate® 5.0OxiPhos®Phiticide™Phostrol®Precinct™Presidio® FungicidePrevicur® FlexPromess®Proplant™ Turf and Ornamental FungicideRanman® 400SC FungicideReason® 500 SCReCon™ 4 FReCon™ Bold SLRegalia®Regalia® CGReliant® Systemic FungicideRenaZ™ SCReveille®Revus®Ridomil Gold® GRRidomil Gold® SLSaniDate® 12.0SaniDate® 12.0 MicroBiocideSeed Shield® BeansSeed Shield® SoybeanSegway® FungicideSegway® Fungicide SCSegway® OSerenade® ASOSerifel® BiofungicideSoyStar™ Elite STSparra™Spirato® M 185 FSStamina® fungicide seed treatmentStargus™Stature® DM fungicideStature® SC fungicideSubdue® GRTemozad®Tepera® PlusTepera® Plus HDTerraClean® 5.0Terramaster® 4 ECThrive™ 4MTimorex Act®Uniform®UpShot™ Soybean Seed TreatmentVacciplant®Vibrance® TrioViceroy™ 70DFWarden® CXWarden® CX IIWarden® RTA®Xyler® FC FungicideZeroTol® HC