Ramularia Leaf Spot

Every product that labels RAMULARIA LEAF SPOT as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
26/36® Fungicide3336® EG3336® F3336® WPA-Zox 25SCAcadia® ESQAcadia™ 2 SCAcadia™ 2 SCAcadia™ ESQ FungicideAframe™Arius™ 250Aviv™Aviv™AzoxyStar®Azoxystrobin SCAZterknot®AZteroid® FCAZteroid® FC 3.3Badge® SCBadge® SCBadge® SCBadge® X2Badge® X2Badge® X2Bravo Weather Stik®Bravo Weather Stik®Carb-O-Nator®Cercos™ FungicideChloronil® 720Chlorothalonil 720Chlorothalonil 82.5DF SelectChlorothalonil-ZnDaconil Ultrex® Turf Care®Daconil Weatherstik®Daconil® WeatherStik®Dexter® SCDithane® 75DF Rainshield® Specialty FungicideDocket® DFDocket® WSDomark® 230 MEDomark® 230 ME FungicideDornic™ 720 FDovetail®Echo® 720 Agricultural FungicideEcho® 720 Turf and Ornamental FungicideEcho® Ultimate ETQ™Echo® Ultimate Turf and Ornamental FungicideEcho® Zn Agricultural FungicideEluvium™Eminent® VPEminent® VPEnsign® 720 Flowable FungicideEnsign® 82.5% Turf And OrnamentalEquation™Equation™ SC FungicideEquus® 720 SSTEquus® 720 SSTEquus® DFFlint® ExtraFore® 80WP Rainshield® Specialty FungicideFungo® FloGCS Azoxy 2SCGem® 500 SCGold Rush®Guarda®Incognito® 85 WDGInitiate® 720 Flowable FungicideInsignia® fungicideInsignia® SC Intrinsic® brand fungicideInspire Super®Koverall® FungicideKoverall® FungicideLuna Sensation®Mazolin™Minerva® DuoMiricell™Nufarm TM + IP SPCOmni® Brand Chlorothalonil 720SCOranil™ 6LPegasus® 6LPegasus® DFXPeriapt™Phoenix Pegasus® 6LPhoenix Pegasus™ DFXPhoenix Pegasus™ HPXPhoenix T-Bird® 4.5LPraiz® NGPraiz™Previa®PrimeraOne® Chlorothalonil 720 SFT FungicidePrimeraOne® Chlorothalonil DFQuadris Top®Quadris® FlowableRialto™ 720 FRomeoSatori® FungicideSerifel® BiofungicideSpectro® 90 WDGT-Bird® 4.5LTalaris™ 50 WSPTetraban®Tetraban® FungicideTM 4.5F Select™Trevo®Trevo® TRZTrivapro® FungicideVabro™Vacciplant®Vango™ ESQVango™ ESQ FungicideVango™ WGWillowood Azoxy 2SC