Rhizoctonia Solani

Every product that labels RHIZOCTONIA SOLANI as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
A-Zox 25SCA-Zox 50WDGAcadia™ 2 SCAcadia™ 2 SCAcceleron® D-109 Fungicide Seed TreatmentAcceleron® D-342 (Monsanto)Acceleron® D-342 Fungicide Seed TreatmentAcceleron® D-510 Fungicide Seed TreatmentAcceleron® D-805 Fungicide Seed TreatmentAcceleron® DT-510Acceleron® DX-109Acceleron® DX-709Ace™ 3.8L STAframe™Arius™ 250AzoxyStar®Azoxystrobin SCAzoxyzone™ FungicideAZteroid® FCAZteroid® FC 3.3Brandt® Organics Aleo™Cercos™ FungicideCharter® PB fungicide seed treatmentConvoy®Coronet® fungicide seed treatmentCruiserMaxx® PeanutsCustosDebug® ONDebug® OptimoDebug® TresDebug® TurboDexter® SCDexter™ MaxDisarm® 480 SCDisarm® G FungicideDynasty® PDEcho® 720 Agricultural FungicideEcho® 90DF Agricultural FungicideEcho® Zn Agricultural FungicideElatus® FungicideEmesto® SilverEquation™Equation™ SC FungicideEverGol® EnergyEverGol® PrimeFontelis®GCS Azoxy 2SCGold Rush®Headline® fungicideHeritage® FungicideINOVATE™ Seed ProtectantIntego® Fungicide SoybeansINTEGO™ SUITE SystemMagistrate™Manzate® Pro-Stick™ (UPI)Manzate® Pro-Stick™ T&OMaxim® MZ FungicideMaxim® PSPMazolin™Miravis® PrimeMural™Obvius® Fungicide Seed TreatmentObvius® Plus Fungicide Seed TreatmentPageant® Intrinsic® brand fungicidePh-D®Ph-D®PompaPTZ 480 STQuadris® FlowableRancona® 3.8 FSRancona® CTSRancona® SummitRancona® V 100 Pro FSRancona® V 100 Pro FSRedigo® 480Relenya® Seed TreatmentRevylok™ FungicideRizolex® FungicideRubySatori® FungicideSpera™ 240 FSStamina® fungicide seed treatmentSTartUP™ AZOXY Seed TreatmentSystiva® XS Xemium® Brand FungicideTetraban®Tetraban® FungicideTilt®Trevo®Trilex® 2000Veg'lysVertisan®Vitaflo®-280Vitavax® - 200Willowood Azoxy 2SCWillowood Pyrac 2ECXANTHION {COMPONENT B}Xanthion® In-furrow fungicide