Russian Wheat Aphid

Every product that labels RUSSIAN WHEAT APHID as a weed, pest, or disease the product can be applied against is shown below. Click any product for label and more information.
Adage™Attendant® 480 FSAttendant® 600 FSAxcess™ Insecticide Seed TreatmentBaythroid® XLBesiege® InsecticideBolton™BotaniGard® 22WPBotaniGard® 22WPBotaniGard® ESBotaniGard® ESBoteGHA® ESCavalry™ IICerealStar™ Select STChlorpyrifos 4E AG (Adama)Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG (Drexel)Cobalt® AdvancedCobalt® InsecticideCrossoverCrossover® ProCruiser® 5FSCrusader 2MECrusader® 1ECDeclare® InsecticideDeclare® InsecticideDyna-Shield® Foothold® Virock™Dyna-Shield® Foothold™ ExtraDyna-Shield® Imidacloprid 5Elliptica™Endigo® ZCEndigo® ZCXEnhance® AWFirestone™Gaucho® 600 FlowableGaucho® XT FlowableGovern® 4EGrizzly® TooGrizzly® Z InsecticideHatchet® InsecticideKaiso® 24 WGKarate® InsecticideKarate® with Zeon™ TechnologyKendo® 22.8 CSKendo™ InsecticideL - C InsecticideLambda TLambda-Cy AGLambda-Cy™ EC Insecticide-RUPLambdafos™ InsecticideLamcap® IILamcap™Lamdec™ InsecticideLegend™ 5L STLorsban® 75 WGLorsban® Advanced InsecticideLorsban®-4E InsecticideMacho® 480 STMacho® 600 STMycotrol® ESOMycotrol® ESOMycotrol® WPOMycotrol® WPONitro Shield®Nitro Shield® IVNufarm Lambda-Cyhalothrin 1EC InsecticideNufos® 4E (RUP)Paradigm®Paradigm® VCPoncho® 600 Seed TreatmentPoncho® XC Seed TreatmentProaxis® InsecticideProaxis® InsecticideProaxis™Province® IIProvince™Rancona® CrestRavage®Raxil® PRO ShieldResonate™ 480 STResonate™ 600 STRevize® Imida STSalient™ TMI Seed TreatmentSativa® IMF Max Seed TreatmentSativa® IMF Sembolite™ MaxSenator® 600 FSSerpent™ 1 ECSharda Imidacloprid 5SCSilencer®Silencer® VXN™Stallion® BrandSTartUP™ IMIDA Seed TreatmentSultrus™TebuStar® Elite STTebuStar® IM Extra STTombstone™Tombstone™ Helios®Transform® CATransform® WGVoliam Xpress®Vulcan®Warden® Cereals HRWarhawk®Warhawk® ClearForm®Warrior II with Zeon Technology®Whirlwind®Willowood Imidacloprid 4STWillowood Lambda 1ECWillowood Lambda-Cy 1ECYuma® 4E