Kendo™ Insecticide

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Kendo™ Insecticide

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Active Ingredient
Lambda-Cyhalothrin (1 lbs/gal)

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A histogram showing a range of prices for a sample product.  Fifteen farmers paid $624 per gallon at the upper end, and twelve paid $519 per gallon at the lower.  The market average is $571 per gallon, and FBN's price is $524 pere gallon.A histogram showing a range of prices for a sample product.  Fifteen farmers paid $624 per gallon at the upper end, and twelve paid $519 per gallon at the lower.  The market average is $571 per gallon, and FBN's price is $524 pere gallon.
Labeled Weeds, Insects & Diseases

Alfalfa Caterpillar

Alfalfa Looper

Alfalfa Seed Chalcid Adult

Alfalfa Weevil

American Plum Borer



Apple Aphid

Apple Maggot Fly

Army Cutworm


Aster Leafhopper


Balsam Twig Aphid

Balsam Woolly Adelgid

Banded Sunflower Moth

Bandedwing Whitefly

Bean Leaf Beetle

Bean Leaf Beetle Adult

Bean Leafskeletonizer

Beet Armyworm


Birch Leafminer

Bird Cherry Oat Aphid

Black Cherry Aphid

Black Grass Bug

Black Pine Weevil

Black Turfgrass Ataenius Adult

Blister Beetle

Blotch Leafminer

Blue Stem Midge

Boll Weevil

Brown Stink Bug

Cabbage Aphid

Cabbage Looper

Cabbage Seedpod Weevil

Cabbage Webworm

Cereal Leaf Beetle

Cherry Fruit Fly

Chinch Bug

Clover Root Borer Adult

Clover Root Curculio Adult

Clover Stem Borer Adult

Codling Moth

Colorado Potato Beetle

Common Cornstalk Borer


Corn Earworm

Corn Leaf Aphid

Corn Rootworm Beetle

Corn Silk Fly Adult

Cotton Aphid

Cotton Bollworm

Cotton Fleahopper

Cotton Leafperforator

Cotton Leafworm

Cowpea Aphid

Cowpea Curculio

Cowpea Curculio Adult

Cowpea Weevil

Cowpea Weevil Adult

Crane Fly


Cucumber Beetle Adult


Diamondback Moth

Egyptian Alfalfa Weevil

Elm Leaf Beetle

English Grain Aphid

Essex Skipper

European Corn Borer

European Elm Bark Beetle

Fall Armyworm


Flatheaded Appletree Borer

Flea Beetle

Flea Beetle Adults


Flower Thrips

Grape Colaspis Adult


Grass Mealybug

Grass Sawfly

Grass Sawfly Adult


Green Bug

Green Cloverworm

Green Fruitworm

Green June Beetle Adult

Green Peach Aphid

Green Stink Bug

Gypsy Moth

Head Clipper Weevil Adult

Hessian Fly

Hickory Shuckworm

Hop Vine Borer


Imported Cabbageworm

Japanese Beetle

Japanese Beetle Adult

June Beetle


Kudzu Bug

Leaf Beetle

Leaffooted Bug



Leafminer Adults



Lesser Appleworm

Lesser Cornstalk Borer


Lygus Bug

May Beetle

Meadow Spittlebug



Mexican Bean Beetle

Mexican Corn Rootworm Adult

Mexican Corn Rootworm Larvae

Mexican Rice Borer


Navel Orangeworm

Northern Corn Rootworm Adult

Northern Corn Rootworm Larvae

Omnivorous Leafroller

Onion Maggots Adult

Onion Thrips

Orange Blossom Wheat Midge

Orange Tortrix

Oriental Fruit Moth

Painted Lady Caterpillar

Pales Weevil

Pea Aphid

Peachtree Borer

Peach Twig Borer

Pea Leaf Weevil

Pear Psylla

Pear Sawfly

Pea Weevil

Pea Weevil Adult

Pecan Aphid

Pecan Casebearer

Pecan Phylloxera

Pecan Spittlebug

Pecan Weevil

Pepper Weevil

Periodical Cicada


Pine Chafer

Pine Colaspis Beetle

Pine Conelet Bug

Pine Leaf Chermid

Pine Needle Scale

Pine Sawfly

Pine Tip Moth

Pine Tortoise Scale

Pine Weevil

Pink Bollworm

Plant Bug

Plum Curculio

Poplar Aphid

Potato Leafhopper

Potato Psyllid

Potato Tuberworm

Pygmy Mole Cricket

Range Caterpillar

Red Imported Fire Ants

Rednecked Peanutworm

Rice Seed Midge

Rice Stalk Borer

Rice Stink Bug

Rice Water Weevil Adult


Rindworm Complex

Rose Chafer

Rosy Apple Aphid

Roundheaded Appletree Borer

Russian Wheat Aphid

Saltmarsh Caterpillar

San Jose Scale

Sap Beetle Adult


Seed Bug

Seedcorn Beetle

Seedcorn Maggot

Seedcorn Maggot Adult

Seed Weevil Adult


Silverspotted Skipper

Snowy Tree Cricket

Sorghum Midge

Southern Armyworm

Southern Cabbageworm

Southern Corn Leaf Beetle

Southern Corn Rootworm Adult

Southern Corn Rootworm Larvae

Southern Green Stink Bug

Southwestern Corn Borer

Soybean Aphid

Soybean Looper

Soybean Thrips

Spider Mite

Spirea Aphid


Spotted Alfalfa Aphid

Spotted Cabbage Looper

Spruce Budworm

Squash Beetle

Squash Bug

Squash Vine Borer

Stalk Borer

Stem Weevil Adult

Stink Bug

Striped Grass Looper

Sugarcane Aphid

Sugarcane Beetle

Sugarcane Borer

Sunflower Beetle

Sunflower Maggot Adult

Sunflower Moth

Sweet Clover Weevil Adult

Sweetpotato Hornworm

Sweetpotato Leaf Beetle

Sweetpotato Vine Borer

Sweetpotato Whitefly

Tarnished Plant Bug

Tent Caterpillar

Tentiform Leafminer

Thistle Caterpillar

Threecornered Alfalfa Hopper



Tobacco Aphid

Tobacco Budworm

Tobacco Flea Beetle

Tobacco Hornworm

Tobacco Thrips

Tomato Fruitworm

Tomato Hornworm

Tomato Pinworm

Tomato Psyllid

Tortoise Beetle

True Armyworm

Tufted Apple Budmoth

Tussock Moth

Twospotted Spider Mite

Vegetable Weevil

Vegetable Weevil Adult

Velvetbean Caterpillar

Walnut Aphid

Walnut Husk Fly



Western Bean Cutworm

Western Corn Rootworm Adult

Western Corn Rootworm Larvae

Western Flower Thrips

Western Yellowstriped Armyworm

West Indian Cranefly


Whitefringed Beetle Adult

White Grub


Woollybear Caterpillar

Yellowstriped Armyworm

Yellow Sugarcane Aphid